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Border Pipes for Weddings
Since mediaeval times bagpipes have been associated with wedding ceremonies and celebrations all across Europe. This association is particularly strong in the Borders (both sides) and is reflected in names of tunes:

  • Woo'd An' Married An' A'
  • There Was A Wedding In The West
  • The Bride Has A Bonny Thing(!)

Highland pipes naturally filled the vacuum when the Border pipes went missing for two centuries, but now they are back and make a great alternative choice. They are no less traditional, but have different associations - civic rather than aristocratic, civilian rather than military, Lowland, Border and Northumbrian rather than Highland. They are also easier on the ears.

Many Border and Northumbrian towns have their own tunes which can give an individual touch to your ceremony:

  • Tweedside
  • Kelso Lasses
  • Lassies O' Melrose
  • Souters O' Selkirk
  • Braw Lads O' Jeddart
  • Lads Of Alnwick
  • Go To Berwick, Johnny
  • New Way To Morpeth
  • Lads O' Duns
  • Gudewife Of Peebles
  • Braw Lads O' Gala Water

"Dear Matt- Thanks again for performing brilliantly at our wedding. We had an excellent day and this was helped by the music. Many of the guests have said how much they enjoyed the sound of the pipes as well as the tunes and that it added to the uniqueness of the day."
Satisfied Bridegroom, Kelso

If you would like Border pipe music at your Wedding, Matt can help you to make an individual selection of tunes for you and your guests.

Historical footnote - from the Memoir of William and Robert Chambers, 1883 edition, describing Piper Ritchie of Peebles: "the town-piper, dressed in a red uniform and cocked hat, as befitted a civic official ... escorting a marriage-party, he marched with becoming importance in front, playing with might and main a tune called Welcome hame, my Dearie."

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